Enough is enough

We got the call the other week that we are finally getting a Dr close to our home vice the current 90km one way we have to travel should we need to see a Dr. Thankfully we are both in fairly good health and don’t really require a Dr’s care at this time although I do take blood pressure medication and it’s well under control. I have however, have been feeling tired and sluggish but of course chocked it up to COVID… Then I started to think – perhaps Deborah you should get your ass on the scale and see what the numbers are as you don’t quite fit into even your ‘fat’ clothes. To my horror (no not really) I weighed in at almost 160, that coupled on top of my 4’ 11” frame is not good, no matter how you slice the pie. And there in lies the problem, we like dessert, most of it homemade for the better part, but we like it – a lot! Let’s not forget the bread I bake, which by the way is super yummy, however, you can’t eat great bread without butter, I’m pretty sure there’s a rule about that, and as a retired military member, I’m all about the rules! So 31 August was the day, I had my plan of action and fridge properly stocked and my meal plan all laid out, because if you fail to plan you plan to fail. For the time being I’m forgoing bread, dairy, sugar, caffeine, simple carbs and since I’m well into my 49th month of sobriety alcohol is not an factor. All that to say I’m eating as clean as I possibly can. I’m a week in and now that the brain fog has lifted and the initial headaches gone, I’m doing really well, and guilt by association hubster is reaping a few benefits as well. Here’s the thing, fresh food made with good healthy fats and a variety good spices are tasty and satisfying, and it sure doesn’t have to be fancy, at least as far as I’m concerned, it just takes some planning and in most cases little effort, quite frankly I’m worth it!

This isn’t about the numbers on the scale, although they are moving in the right direction and I’m pleased with that. This is about being able to speak to my Dr with respect to some issues and in turn I can honestly say that I’m doing something about how I feel and attempting to improve my lot in life through nutrition. This pandemic has caused a whole of issues for many folks and doing one thing to get control over your daily life is just a small step in the right direction, this is my step!

Here’s to one more sober day. Take good care, be well and be you.


6 thoughts on “Enough is enough

  1. Outstanding! Food (specially sugars!) are so darn hard to step around. They’re in everything, which is why making meals fresh, with wholesome ingredients makes quite a bit of difference. I’m proud off you, that is the most amazing thing you can do to care for yourself. 🤗

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  2. Well done!!
    I actually started to change my food and feel better, too!
    It’s hard, but I am trying to remember that instead of candy or ice cream as being a “treat”, I am thinking of feeling good as my treat!

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