Hello June

I don’t think that there is one of us unaffected by the current state of affairs, and the tentacles of the COVID-19 virus are so far reaching it’s overwhelming. Overwhelming in every single way, from the bombardment of news, some of it helpful, some not so much, to how we now go about our daily lives. The every day heroes that are doing everything possible to heal, to those protecting and serving us on some level all the while putting themselves and their families at risk. I don’t think you’ll ever know our gratitude.

We are still living the dream down at the very bottom of the Baja. We are however, cautiously optimistic that we will finally land on Canadian soil on June 6th. Our flight home changed four times before it was cancelled outright and we were not offered any other options. We are now flying with an American carrier through Charlotte, NC into Toronto, ON and then to our humble abode in Goderich, ON on beautiful Lake Huron for fourteen days of mandatory quarantine. It made no sense, at least to us to rush home into more uncertainty and chaos than there was here when it became apparent that this virus would take over the world. Where we are there has been no civil unrest, the stores that are open are well stocked – including toilet paper! We have been warm and safe with a roof over our heads and have had no issues with social distancing as there is no one here. Hotels, restaurants and bars have shuttered their doors and the tourists and snowbirds have gone home, even the beaches are closed and patrolled. We aren’t walking as much so I’ve taken to swimming laps every morning in our pool and it has been not only peaceful and therapeutic, but let’s not forget to mention healthy. In these uncertain, daunting and rapidly changing times, who doesn’t need an extra dose of something healthy. I did however, have a cookie before I had lunch!

Wherever this brief note finds you I hope that you are well, safe and have what you need, as I think by now most of us have figured out that we don’t need near what we thought we did. Please be kind to your self and do what you need to do for you. On this 46th month of sobriety be well and be you. Here’s to one more sober day.


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