The gift of life

Giving the gift of life yesterday I was drawn back several years, around 2007-2008 when there was a blood drive at work. I dragged my sorry hungover butt (a daily occurrence) down to the concourse to due my duty (only 2.5% of Canadians share my blood type). While going through the screening process a very kind nurse pulled me aside and told me to go home, chew on a big steak, and then get some rest. Turns out my blood pressure was pretty high (I now take medication), my iron was so low I was nearly anemic, and my ‘resting’ pulse was no where near resting, I was overweight and exhausted. It was definitely one of a few low periods in my life. I was working like a dog at a stressful job and not only drinking way too much but clearly wasn’t even coming close to looking after myself, even though I did make a daily trip to the gym and tried to eat well. That was my first big wake up call, however, not big enough to make the all important change just yet. I would periodically dabble with brief periods of not drinking – I would never say sober because I was merely biding my time until I could enjoy my next glass(es) of wine or snifter(s) of Grand Mariner; who was I kidding, I’d be enjoying both hands down any given day. In my first year of retirement in 2015, I couldn’t drink either fast enough, and trust me I drank enough of both. Although, I have to say I was quite discerning, I had standards and rarely drank before 2pm unless of course the start of the day involved mimosas… However, once the flood gates opened it was there was no stopping me.

Today, 1 August 2019, marks three years of sobriety, I can say that now as I no longer bide my time waiting for the moment I can have my next drink, my brain doesn’t think that way any more. I still don’t take any of it for granted as that would be foolish in my part. I remain surrounded by alcohol every single day as hubster imbibes every single day, most days too much, sorry to say. I do my very best to not enable him, but at the end of the day the choice remains his and I can only live my sober life for me, so continue my journey living with as much grace and gratitude as I can, all the while remaining in his corner.

Here’s to one more sober day, be well and be you. 💜


10 thoughts on “The gift of life

  1. I’m so proud of you for what you have accomplished for yourself. Life is strange and we don’t always abide by what we “should” be doing. Kudos to you for, as we have discussed, staying dry and sober, amidst the alcohol that surrounds you daily. Always remember I am but a phone call or text away if you need support. Continue on this wonderful journey and take good care of you!

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