We pulled it off

August was a tough month with so many moving parts, it made my head spin – literally, I ended up with a nasty bout of vertigo. Thankfully, I appear to have returned to some semblance of normal.

Our home in Nova Scotia finally sold. It had been on the market since April, and by NS standards it sold quickly. Crazy as we are, hubster and I accepted a two week (yep 14 days) closing. We flew back from Ontario as originally planned and hit the ground running. Between the power of social media, our local thrift shop, yard sales and thankfully only one trip to the dump, we sold, purged and downsized our lives to fit into one 20ft cube van. Of course it wasn’t nearly that simple, nothing ever is.

We arrived in Nova Scotia in June 2009 courtesy of the Royal Canadian Air Force when I was posted to 14 Wing Greenwood. My time in Greenwood would turnout to be my shortest posting lasting only two years and twenty days. As I moved up the proverbial ladder of success, hubster stayed and manned the home front for a property we both loved, and for which, I will always be grateful for his love and support to go off and achieve my career goals and aspirations.

Through some very strong ties, and great friendships, we were able to acquire all the necessary supplies to get us all packed. This also included the use of a friend’s much needed truck as my little car (Fiat 500) just wouldn’t cut it, and it also decided that it was a good time to have a seized brake calliper. At one point, it looked as though we’d have to leave the car at the dealership and fly back at a later date to pick it up. Thankfully, the parts arrived in time and we were able to complete the move as planned.

After some tearful goodbyes, we pulled out of our driveway on Tuesday 21 August. After approximately 1837km of uneventful driving we pulled up to our storage container in Wallacetown Ontario in the afternoon of Thursday 23 August, and started unloading. By the time our nephew arrived from work we were 3/4 done, so he and hubster made short work of unloading and organizing the rest of it.

We will spend the rest of the summer and into the fall at our little lake side (Lake Huron) retreat. From there is will be off to Mexico for our first full winter as snowbirds.

Throughout the month I managed to keep my sanity and sense of humour, save for one horrific melt down. despite all of the chaos and moving pieces my thoughts were never distracted by the pull of alcohol and on 1 September 2018 I quietly marked 25 months of sobriety.

Here’s to one more sober day, be well and be you 💜