I believe that inspiration can be found in the most obscure of places, provided that you are in fact aware of your surroundings.

As a thrift store maven, I am always in the hunt for something fun or funky and even something practical. Like the beautiful Jill-E designer Canon camera bag I scored for $1.50. And yes, it fits our Canon perfectly.

As I was out and about yesterday running errands, etc… I stopped at my favourite thrift shop – Blessings in Zurich ON, if you’re ever in the neighbourhood please stop by, they do great work for their community. I found a book that I knew hubster would be interested in reading and a beautiful gift for my bestie’s birthday. For myself, I found a golf skort by Liz Golf, and I also found this little gem, Daily Reflections from AA.

I don’t belong to AA as it’s not my thing, although it’s an outstanding program that helps millions. Prior to his passing in 2014 my dad was sober 54 years with the help of AA. When I opened the book, the inscription was from 18 years ago written in July of 2000 and it was booked marked with a red ribbon for 5 July (a Thursday no less), the date on which I found this treasure and it speaks to hearing about the weak-willed alcoholic, but that I am the strongest-willed person on earth. And I thought to myself, this is indeed a sign, as am the strongest-willed. I don’t believe in coincidence, so I shelled out the .25 cents because I am worth it and then some.

Regardless of the path chosen, my hope is that Carol, and many others are still being healed at Thursday wing night or tea on Saturdays or quietly in your own humble abodes, and that inspiration no matter where it may come from helps to make you a believer to be strong-willed and stay the course because you’re worth it.

Here’s to one more sober day. Be well and be you.

What inspires you in your journey?

It’s a day for celebration!

1 July is the birth of our great nation – happy 151st birthday Canada. Here’s to a day of parades, concerts, picnics and fireworks at dusk. As a country Canada has contributed many significant inventions the world over. Not the least of which are insulin (1922), the Canadarm (1981), hockey, lacrosse and of course poutine and Namaimo bars.

It is also the birthday of my long suffering hubster, happy 58th sweetheart, fingers crossed for a hole in one today as you make your way around the links, during what is expected to be a 40C day.

As a nation, we Canadians enjoy our drink, and I suspect that there will be a cool refreshing beverage or two consumed by many today. According to Health Canada 80% of Canadians consumed alcohol last year, and nearly 3.1 million of those 80% drank to excess. That’s not a statistic that I can say I was proud to be a part of. But because I was, I am no longer ambivalent to nor judge those that do struggle. I believe in the saying ‘ Never look down on somebody unless you’re helping them up’. An ear to listen, a shoulder to lean on or a helping hand up, there is always something I can offer, and I always will when and wherever I can. The struggle is real, and as I’ve said before and those before me have said, you don’t have to go it alone. If you no longer want to be a statistic, reach out, ask for help, it’s not likely to be an easy process, however, you won’t regret it.

On this beauty sweltering day I sit here enjoying my new found treat in the form of a Blossoming Rose Tea latte, I am thankful for the great country (with all her faults) I live in and 23 months of sobriety.

Until next month and one more sober day, be well and be you.

How are you spending this Canada Day?