18 months sober and I haven’t looked back – Much!

The reason for the odd glance in the rear view mirror is due to the fact that I am surrounded by alcohol EVERY SINGLE DAY! Most days are never an issue but there have been a couple of days in my journey that I got a little freaked out and wondered “will this be the day it all comes crashing down?” Thankfully, it has never crashed down around me and I trust it never will because I own my sobriety and take full responsibility for my thoughts and my actions on a daily basis.

Although the waters have been relatively calm over these past 18 months, I have found that self-care is even more important than it was before sobriety; and more importantly it is not selfish, it is paramount. I believe that it is the difference between success and failure. Failure in that you can’t realize your goals or reach your full potential on whatever path you’ve set out for yourself, instead you accept what is and there is the potential to fall back into old traps.

I love to cook, create and craft and I have both a well stocked pantry and craft room so there is never an excuse when the mood strikes, and it strikes often. But, equally important are my daily workouts (albeit I don’t work up near the sweat I used to) and reading. I am a voracious reader, always have been and I trust I always will be. I currently have over 900 books on my Kobo reader, of which, almost all (98%) were free. I am perfectly happy to sit and sip a lovely homemade Earl Grey Latte and read, even if it is only a few minutes. I read every day, it allows me to let go of whatever is occupying space in my mind and just be. In case you’re curious, my reading list is as eclectic as I am and I read or at least peruse just about anything from murder mysteries to a good romance novel with just enough sex and drama to keep it interesting. Usually it’s books on spirituality and world religion that occupy the most of my reading time. Both subjects fascinate me and there are no end to either subject or accompanying opinions.

Self care has always been important and for me it is now an integral part of my sober journey and maintaining my overall well being. Please, make some time for you, even if it’s only a few minutes carved out of your day or an hour long soak in the tub, you’re worth it!

“You have permission to rest. You are not responsible for fixing everything that is broken. You do not have to try to make everyone happy. For now, take time for you. It’s time to replenish.” – Unknown